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Collaborating at Work

Social Impact is our purpose and our passion.

Built4Agility is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to build self-healing communities.  We take a holistic view of the socioeconomic impacts resulting from disparities that persist within communities of color.  We provide agile training and coaching programs designed to amplify, accelerate, and scale the important work of social service organizations actively/aspiring to deliver community impact programs.  We support individuals and agencies no matter where they are in their journey by providing the tools, resources, and a strong network of practitioners to help deliver on our communal goals.  We share knowledge, skills, and the critical resources necessary to think differently, work differently, and solve problems differently.  We are focused on the progression of three strategic initiatives aimed at extending our reach, maximizing our impact, and increasing our scalability:

Mental Agility

Transforming our communities requires a change of heart and mind.  Doing so means that we must build cognitive agility, the ability to adapt to change along with mental shifting. At Built4Agility we focus on creating new experiences that allow us to build mental agility.

Action Orientation.  A natural affinity toward taking practical ​action to ​deal with a problem or ​situation. Built4Agility enables and empowers individuals and organizations to get laser focused on the delivery of client value and more specifically the activities that will advance their mission and strategic objectives.

Community Building.  The intersection of education, industry experience, technical knowledge, and a strong commitment to leaving the world better than you found it.

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