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& Igniting Global Change with Clarity, Intent, and Purpose

Social Impact is our Purpose & Passion

At Built4Agility, we recognize that issues of humanity can only be addressed by moving beyond the idea of inclusion in favor of balance and belonging by first acknowledging the disparities of the past, then taking intentional action that will lead to meaningful and sustainable institutional, organizational, and societal shifts.

  • We provide experiential learning and coaching programs that focus on community-led solutions, power building, and challenge public policies that deepen systemic issues and institutional oppression.

  • We believe hate and bias are learned behaviors that can be dismantled when we seek to learn, understand, appreciate our differences, and embrace the intrinsic value activated by these same attributes. 

  • We collaborate across the boundaries of a caste system to create awareness, harness the power of our collective voices for sustainable change, and accelerate communities to action.


Together with our partners we are paving the way to resilience by strengthening our families and transforming communities.

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