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We are Shifting the Way We See Each Other and The World

Our Purpose is to transform historically disenfranchised communities from the inside out by unlocking the potential and amplifying the impact of those who advance society. In doing so, we create awareness, harness the power of our collective voices for sustainable change, and accelerate communities to action.

Friends in the City


We are Building Up Our Communities Stronger, Better, Faster, and More Resilient than Ever Before

We share truth, promote transparency, provoke continuous learning, and transform communities from the inside out. We aspire to create safe zones where individually and collectively we can test, fail, learn and pivot unapologetically. Together, we will release the pain of the past and build up our communities stronger, better, faster, and more resilient than ever before.


WE challenge diversity and inclusion policies that fail to address systemic issues and fortify institutional oppression. We believe hate and bias are learned behaviors that can be dismantled when we seek to learn, understand, appreciate our differences, and embrace the intrinsic value activated by these same attributes.

Team Building Session
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