Built4Agility is a Non-profit Management Consultancy specializing in Public Safety Transformation. We're redefining the relationship between Public Safety organizations and the communities they serve through innovative and transformative community-based policing programs.


We are thought leaders, practitioners, and disruptive innovators who acknowledge their experiences and draw on the full breadth of these learnings to forge the path forward. Together, we bring forth decades of experience in Corporate America, Law Enforcement, and the US Military, which has uniquely prepared us for this moment in time.


We offer a pragmatic approach to unpacking the issues and building solutions that are community-centric, future-fit, and enable continuous growth and development.


Our People are our differentiator.



Our Mission

is to equip Public Safety Organizations and the community with the skills and capabilities required to address the issues of systemic racism, implement police reforms, and redefine community relations.  In so doing, we will create awareness, harness the power of our collective voices for sustainable change, and accelerate police leadership to action.

Our Vision

is to share truth, promote transparency, and provoke continuous learning to transform Public Safety organizations from the inside out. We aspire to create safe zones where individuals and communities can test, fail, learn and pivot unapologetically. Together, we will make the world a better place to live and work.

Our Core Values





Dr. Marie Alcazar

Dr. Alcazar is an Organizational Transformation Leader & Ecosystem Coach with deep domain knowledge in program delivery and leadership agility. Her experience spans from government to private sector organizations. With more than 25 years of industry experience, she is adept with meeting people where they are, and helping them pivot to the new. She holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and is a SAFe® Program Consultant, SAFe® Release Train Engineer, SAFe® Agilist, Certified Scrum Master, Agility Health Facilitator, and Design Thinking Coach.

Built4Agility was developed and founded by Dr. Marie Alcazar around a few simple principles:

  • To Whom much is given, much is required.

  • Serving is never a sacrifice; it’s a privilege.

  • Wisdom, education, and pivoting with a growth mindset can change the future of work, family, community, and even Public Safety in America.


As a thought leader and practitioner, she has worked with an expansive list of corporate clients through her work with Accenture, InfoSys, and Cognizant to name a few. She is an in-the-trenches leader with the instinctive ability to connect with people to solve real problems in real time.​ Her doctoral research on Strategies for the Advancement of African American Women Leaders: A Phenomenological Study, is evidence of her commitment to her craft. The findings of her work continue to fuel her growth through scholarship, leadership, and practice. Dr. Marie moves with intention, putting faith, family, and community at the top of her agenda.


Amid a challenging economy, global pandemic, and a humanitarian crisis, Built4Agility’s goal is aimed at amplifying and mobilizing the gifts of its founder and partners to make a difference within communities where there is a need for transformation. Through this work she is living both purposeful and purpose-filled.


Dr. Jacque Colbert

Dr. Jacque Colbert is a dynamic business professional and entrepreneur with global experience in business and HR leadership. Her portfolio spans 20+ years with companies such as the M/A/R/C Group, T-Mobile USA, Dell Inc., ConocoPhillips, and VMware. She represents a positive, can-do attitude, which she uses to motivate and empower those she supports to be all that they can be. It is not by chance that she proudly served in the United States Army, with duty stations in the United States and Seoul Korea. As a Senior Director of HR, Jacque has end to end responsibility for several of VMware’s Sales (Go to Market Teams).


Dr. Jacque is anchored in driving key people strategies with a focus on organizational design, effectiveness, culture succession planning, M&A, along with end to end talent planning, development, change management, diversity & inclusion just to name a few. Her passion and platform for elevating women was born out of her position as the oldest girl in her family with a machismo Caribbean father whose point of view regarding women was not what she thought it should be. It is from this place that she was uniquely positioned to lead some of Dell’s most poignant global diversity efforts for several years. She is the author of two books; Sipping PositiviTEA, The Gratitude Journal and Corporate Sisterhood: The Ultimate Power Prescription for Every Working Woman. With Corporate Sisterhood, She is on a mission to empower working woman to achieve unprecedented levels of success—through 7 power prescriptions which deliver a healthy dose of inspiration, motivation, and game-changing action.


She holds a doctoral degree in organizational leadership and a master’s degree in business concentrated in Human Relations.  She is also the CEO and Chief PositiviTEA Officer for Jacque Colbert Global & Sipping PositiviTEA!  Dr. Jacque is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Houston Organizational Development Network, Baker University; curriculum quality & design, Delta Kappa Gamma Society for Leading Women Educators, and board member for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Consumer Scientific Peer Reviewer Board.

Dr. Verdi Lethermon

Dr. Verdi Lethermon is the past Director of the HPD Psychological Services Division. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, she has 34 years of counseling experience, 20+ years in law enforcement, and college level teaching experience as an Adjunct Professor at Houston Baptist University and the University of St. Thomas. Her experience at HPD included counseling classified and non-classified employees, recruit-screening, training (mandatory and elective classes), as well as crisis and non-crisis consultations with frontline, mid-management and executive level personnel. She earned her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.

Her first book, “When God Speaks, People Who Hear are Healed,” is a collection of written answers to prayers from God spoken to ordinary people. “When God Speaks” boldly answers the question, “Does God still speak to us today?” Her second book, “If God Wanted to Talk to You, Would you Listen?” poses a personal question to children (young and old) and reveals God’s loving answers to them—if they are willing to listen.

In 2021, she will publish her third book, “Choice: Surrender or Explode,” which challenges teenagers and young adults to examine who they are, why they were born and where they are going--from God’s perspective. In conjunction with this book, and because of her commitment to the future of youth, she has developed a skills for success middle school curriculum entitled, “Who Do YOU Say YOU Are?” The curriculum consists of four modules: Power, Permission, People and Purpose that can be adapted for schools, churches and community-based organizations.

Detective Lance Watkins is a dedicated law enforcement officer with a combined total of 29 years in the fields of Corrections, Policing, and Military Intelligence. He spent the first 12 years of his career as a Corrections Officer on Rikers Island, before joining the NYPD where he spent 8 years before retiring. Det. Watkins served 8 years in the US Navy as an Intelligence Specialist and Strategic Debriefer. He completed a 17-month tour of duty in Iraq before relocating to Houston, Texas. His passion for public safety and community would not allow him to sit still for long. He subsequently left retirement and returned to public service and has been a member of the Baytown Police Department for the past 9 years, and currently serves as a Police Detective and Crisis Negotiator. 

Det. Watkins earned a Graduate Degree in the Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Lee Community College, where he teaches in-class and online criminal justice courses. The amalgamation of a well-established  law enforcement career, real-world experience, and specialized knowledge and achievements in the areas of public safety and criminal investigations have well prepared him for this challenge and opportunity.

Detective Lance Watkins

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