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This is NexGen Learning by Built4Agility

Dr. Marie Alcazar
Founder & Chief Transformation Officer

On behalf of the entire Built4Agility team, it is both an honor and pleasure to introduce you to The Academy for Social Justice and Civic Transformation (The Academy)!  The Academy is an experiential framework of principles, practices, and core competencies required to build self-healing communities and create new cultural norms, one person, one family at a time. Learners will gain important insights that will allow them to effectively navigate the socio-economic implications of systemic racism and the disproportionate consequences imposed on people of color in America.

The Academy is a compilation of facilitator-led training, videos, and 3D immersive learning events. We offer knowledge-based evidence from thought leaders and expert practitioners in Agile Transformation, Change Adoption, Law Enforcement, and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging is combined with partner practitioners from across the community. We partner with some of the biggest thinkers in our communities who specialize in criminal justice, organizational agility, people operations, and physcological services to construct the content of our courses.

Situational learning events are delivered and supported with live coaching and expert counseling. All content is pressure tested using a practitioners model and covers the core knowledge competencies, tasks and functions determined to be critical to effective decision making and the practical application of tips, tools, and tactical actions. Participants who choose to participate in our Learn & Lead Program are required to complete a competency based exam at the end of the course. This is based on the recognition that the most accurate way to determine a person's competence at something is to assess them using their knowledge and skills in a real-life situation.


Built4Agility is committed to providing the tools required to help you keep learning including toolkits, new e-learning modules, videos, and access to a community of practitioners to help expand your network of resources. These resources are all designed to enable and empower you to transform your community from the inside out. No degree or prior experience required.

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Social Justice DojoTM

AI + Live Human Interaction

Built4Agility is combining digital tools and human interaction to drive Social Justice Literacy.  Learners acquire new skills, gain important insights, and improve their emotional intelligence using situational leaning in a 3D metaverse environment.

Dojos are safe zones to share, learn, build, test, and even fail without fear or consequence. We're unpacking some of the most pressing issues impacting our community. Join us as we collaborate in the 3D metaverse to co-create cultural prototypes that will deliver real change. You'll engage in immersive problem solving, live Q&As, in-session chat, polls, games, whiteboarding, and brainstorming sessions ... this is not your average workshop!


The benefits are simply life changing.

  • Learn to facilitate difficult conversations in the safety of the virtual environment.

  • Influence outcomes without authority.

  • Practice de-escalation techniques.

  • Learn to deliver feedback with candor and empathy.

  • Accelerate learning with real-time coaching and support.


Are you a community or organizational leader looking for a way to deliver a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging program with impact? Well look no further, contact us today to find out how Built4Agility can support your community intervention or cultural transformation program.