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Agile is a mindset and Built4Agility is bringing the foundational principles and practices of agile to our local communities to drive transformation from the inside out. We are applying agile strategies and approaches in a social context to solve for some of the biggest problems plaguing our communities.


This program is designed to help community members, leaders, advocates, and nonprofits amplify and accelerate the important work they are already doing. You’ll learn how agile can help you activate community engagement and deliver transformational outcomes. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to align your entire organization around the same clear objectives, how to improve the flow of value, and work from strategy to execution. You’ll also learn how to make your organization more community-centric and how to introduce meaningful change that actually improves social outcomes.

Collaborating at Work


ACTion is a movement! In our first program year, 2023 we aim to reach 1,000+ young adults from historically disenfranchised communities. Our goal is to build up our communities by providing agile training as a strategic differentiator for these young people as they prepare to enter the workforce.


Agile is a mindset and practical framework that is used every day by many of the world’s largest, most complex enterprises to transform from the inside out. Do you have the skills and capabilities that employers want?  Do you have the capacity to adjust, pivot, and adapt to the demands of a learning organization? Contact us today to find out how agile can accelerate your career and transform your organization and your community.


Built4Agility is combining digital tools and human interaction to drive Social Justice Literacy.  Learners acquire new skills, gain important insights, and improve their emotional intelligence using situational leaning in a 3D metaverse environment.

Dojos are safe zones to share, learn, build, test, and even fail without fear or consequence. Join us to unpack the issues impacing our community and collaborate in the 3D metaverse to co-create cultural prototypes that will deliver real change. You'll engage in immersive problem solving, live Q&As, polls, games, whiteboarding, and brainstorming sessions ... this is not your average workshop!


  • Learn to facilitate difficult conversations in the safety of the virtual environment.

  • Influence outcomes without authority.

  • Practice de-escalation techniques.

  • Learn to deliver feedback with candor and empathy.

  • Accelerate learning with real-time coaching and support.


You you are a community or organizational leader looking for an innovative way to facilitate culture conversations with impact? Well look no further, contact us today to find out how Built4Agility can support your community intervention or cultural transformation program.