Law Enforcement is vulnerable, fearful … the very fiber of their existence is questioned and challenged. The Community is tired, hurting, and demanding change. Policy reform, financial incentives, and pay for performance do not equate to transformation; however, they are necessary enablers.

Public Safety Transformation begins and ends with people, and therefore will require a commitment to collaborate from law enforcement and the communities they serve. Built4Agility’s Community iMPACT Program will nurture relationships between law enforcement and the community, while increasing the capacity of these communities to develop, implement and sustain solutions to address their own problems.

The important work of helping communities shape outcomes and exercise control over their physical, social, economic, and cultural environments provides an opportunity for Public Safety to engage, partner and support their progress. The Urgency of Now calls for the community to seriously consider how WE achieve police reform. It demands that WE take deliberate and intentional steps toward a brighter tomorrow for all Americans, regardless of race, creed or religion.


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