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Collaboration is Our Super Power

Community Partnership is our platform of advocacy and financial support that makes it possible for Built4Agility to develop and implement specific programming to empower and enable self-healing communities. We rely on the commitment and generosity of our partners to support the cost of our programs. This allows us to extend our services outward, directly impacting our communities.

Built4Agility uses a sliding scale fee schedule to help make our services accessible and affordable to members of the community as well as partner organizations based on organizational type and annual budget. We trust that organizations with the capacity to pay according to this schedule will do so in good faith, creating the opportunity for Built4Agility to meet the community where they are.


We honor the unique preferences and philanthropic goals of each of our community partners, and welcome unrestricted support, endowment gifts, your time and talents, and funding for specific programs. Contact us today to begin a conversation about your agencie's priorities and partnership opportunities with Built4Agility.

Policing Different

Cops Who Care and Built4Agility drink their own lemonade, Jan 2023.  The merger of these two budding nonprofits is just the latest development in this relationship, as they have been collaborating since 2020 and completing many initiatives in the process. The finalization of this arrangement will not only simplify the relationship and pool resources, it will also drive thought leadership and productivity.

While most entities quote stocks and stakeholder equity as their most valuable asset, for these two nonprofits their synergy and commitment to the communities they serve deliver unimaginable dividends.  It turns out that t
he merger of Built4Agility and Cops Who Care is not just a smart strategy but, a demonstration of what can be achieved by defying the 'crabs in a bucket' mentality. They are in fact walking the talk.

Detective Lance Watkins is a member of the Board of Directors and has served as the Public Safety Advisor almost since Built4Agility's inception in 2019. He will continue to play a critical role in Built4Agility's future by driving forward the important work of bridging the gap between historically disenfranchised communities and law enforcement.  Together, we remain deeply committed to meeting our communities where they are, standing in our truth, and taking meaningful steps toward rebuilding trust and faith in those who have vowed to serve and protect. It is imperative that we, citizens and police officers, work together harmoniously to make right the perceived wrong.  It’s going to take each of us working together, keeping an open mind, and taking meaningful steps towards bridging the gap that without intervention will only deepen the divide. Cops Who Care will become the second Community of Practice under Built4Agility's ACTion (Agile for Community Transformation) network.

Kentrice H., TX

Retention Manager

“The knowledge gained is immediately employable."

Eric M., TX

Safety Instructor

“I gained a wealth of knowledge and look forward to collaborating in the future."

Stephanie C., TX

Marketing/Communication Specialist

"I am so grateful for such a supportive group. My confidence has boosted so much and I'm excited for all these recruiters to start flooding my inbox.”
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