Our country is changing and so should you.  The community is speaking out in different ways and through different means of communication with the help of social media and celebrity influencers. Societal norms are being monitored through the camera lens of America, and now is the time to take action on our concerns in a different way.


One misunderstanding, wrong move, or bad decision due to a lack of insight, understanding, and self control could make you the next hashtag controlling the headlines and blowing up social media.  We are demanding changes be made on how our communities are policed and B4A is working hard to be the transparent connector between law enforcement and the community.  As a community partner that combats the twin problems of institutional racism and disenfranchisement of community, we are committed to doing the work required to build self-healing communities and change the trajectory of Social Justice in America.




Local communities are faced with the unprecedented task of learning and understanding how the historical underpinnings of systemic racism in America continue to live in the policies and practices that constitute the very fabric of the nation. In response to these challenges, we must lean in and open our mind and heart to community-centric practices that will allow us to heal, anything less would only further intensify the current feelings of pain, fear, and unrest that are plaguing the nation.


The rest of world is watching our handling of the current crisis in America with the hope of learning from our experiences. We have the privilege and the responsibility to tilt the scales of justice in favor of humanity, to create a brighter and more equitable world.

The good news is, we are poised for this journey. The opportunity to convert crisis into opportunity has never been greater but, we must be willing to go deep in order to emerge faster, stronger, better than ever before.

Defining new cultural norms will require a mindset shift and willingness to move beyond the comforts of familiarity, in favor of innovation. If we aspire to achieve a radically different future, then we must commit to the work required to build communities healthy enough to redefine themselves.

Our transformational framework delivers a new platform of shared partner services that will foster profoundly different relationships and a new degree of community engagement. The important work of helping communities shape outcomes and exercise control over their physical, social, economic, and cultural environments provides an opportunity for all of us to engage, partner and support their progress.

New mindsets and new behaviors are the only path to transformation and will demand that individuals and communities shift their worldviews if they hope to Re-imagine Social Justice.



B4A employs iterative learning cycles to provide a consistent and sustainable approach to transformation. B4A takes an ecosystem approach to Social Justice Transformation.  Our comprehensive change framework is anchored around learning and focuses on helping individuals and organizations develop the skillsets needed to transform from the inside out. By addressing the issues and consequences of systemic reacism we are empowering organizations and communities to respond and adapt to new learning and changing conditions. We start small, build support and confidence, then scale pragmatically from a foundation of proven success.



Every community has strengths, which are sometimes overshadowed by the challenges they face. At Built4Agility, we identify and build on those strengths. Our community-centric approach is strength-based, and focused on engaging community professionals, influencers, families and partner organizations in an authentic, measurable way.

Through our experience we know that transformation is a radical act of both destruction and creation, requiring a change of heart and mind. Through strategic community alignment, we stretch the internal goal outward and work collaboratively with local leaders and partners to support and iNNovate our communities.  

We are empowering individuals that want,

  • To see, hear, and feel transformational change for themselves and their community.

  • To experience public safety officers that love the community they serve, that love the job that they do, that see them and their community as a hotspot for potential – not crime.

  • To witness changes to policies and practices that promote social equity and embrace all of humanity as a part of the community, not apart from the community.