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Our Take on Justice

Adopted from the Houston Coalition Against Hate with modification.



WE challenge diversity and inclusion policies that fail to address systemic issues and fortify institutional oppression. We believe hate and bias are learned behaviors that can be dismantled when we seek to learn, understand, appreciate our differences, and embrace the intrinsic value activated by these same attributes.


WE recognize that issues of humanity can only be addressed by moving beyond the idea of inclusion in favor of balance and belonging by first acknowledging the disparities of the past, then taking intentional action that will lead to meaningful and sustainable institutional, organizational, and societal shifts.



WE are committed to supporting and enabling the leaders of today and tomorrow through training, mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship programs for all people of color, which includes people from all ethnicities, genders/gender identities, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities. In doing so, together we will transform our communities from the inside out. This statement is our take on justice and indicative of our position and firm commitment to support, enable, collaborate with, and accelerate the good work of institutions and organizations aligned to this higher calling.

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