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Our Story

​Built4Agility is a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certified training provider who designs and delivers innovative learning experiences intended to bridge the opportunity gap for all people of color, which includes people from all ethnicities, genders/gender identities, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities.


The organization was established in 2019 by Dr. Marie Alcazar around a few simple principles:

  • To Whom much is given, much is required.

  • Serving is never a sacrifice; it is a privilege.

  • Wisdom, education, and pivoting with a growth mindset can create new cultural norms for individuals, organizations, and communities.


​As thought leaders, practitioners, and disruptive innovators, we leverage agile best practices to shift minds and hearts toward a future defined by intentional actions and measurable results.  We share truth, promote transparency, and provoke continuous learning by creating safe zones where individually and collectively we can test, fail, learn and pivot unapologetically.


We believe these practices combined with our deep knowledge and practical experiences give life to our greatest potential by challenging how we see each other, how we engage and live together, and how we work collaboratively toward our communal goals. Through this work we are amplifying and accelerating the impact of those who advance society. In doing so, we create awareness, harness the power of our collective voices for sustainable change. Together we are releasing the pain of the past and building up our communities stronger, healthier, and more resilient than ever before.

Meet The Team

Dr. Marie Alcazar

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Founder & CEO

Transformation Expert


Det. Lance Watkins

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Public Safety Expert


Dr. JacQue Colbert

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DEIB Expert

Our Take on Social Impact


WE challenge social policies that fail to address systemic issues and fortify institutional oppression. Our intention is to advance health and wealth equity, reduce disparities, and maximize socio-economic impact through innovative strategies.


WE are increasing community awareness of socio-economic opportunities, advancing health and wealth agendas, and recognizing that all policies impact community wellness.

WE recognize that issues of humanity can only be addressed by first acknowledging the disparities of the past, then taking intentional action that will lead to meaningful and sustainable institutional, organizational, and societal shifts.



WE are committed to supporting and enabling individuals, families, and communities through training, mentoring, and coaching programs for all people of color, which includes people from all ethnicities, genders/gender identities, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities. In doing so, together we will create new cultural norms and build up our communities stronger, faster, and more resilient than ever before. This statement is indicative of our position and firm commitment to support, enable, collaborate with, and accelerate the good work of individuals and institutions aligned to this higher calling.

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