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About Us

We are shifting how we see each other and the world through innovative and transformative educational programs. In pursuit of this mission, Built4Agility was established in 2019 by Dr. Marie Alcazar amid a challenging economy, a global pandemic, and a humanitarian crisis. 

The organization is anchored by a few simple principles:

  • "To whom much is given, much is required."

  • "Serving is never a sacrifice; it is a privilege."

  • Wisdom, education, and a growth mindset can reshape cultural norms for individuals, organizations, and communities.


Built4Agility’s goal is aimed at amplifying and mobilizing the gifts of its founder and partners to make a meaningful impact within communities where there is a need for change. We take a pragmatic approach to unpacking the issues and co-creating solutions that are community-centric, future-fit, and enable continuous growth and development.  As thought leaders, practitioners, and disruptive innovators, we employ lean agile principles to transform minds and hearts towards a future defined by intentional actions and measurable results. We advocate for truth, transparency, and continuous learning, creating safe spaces for testing, failing, learning, and pivoting unapologetically.

Our belief is that these practices, combined with deep knowledge and practical experiences, unlock our full potential by reshaping how we perceive each other, how we coexist, and how we collaboratively pursue communal goals. Through our work, we amplify and accelerate the impact of those advancing society, fostering awareness and harnessing our collective voices for sustainable change. Together, we are breaking free from the pain of the past, creating self-sustaining communities that are stronger, smarter, and more resilient than ever before.

Our Mission & Impact

Built4Agility is committed to supporting and enabling the leaders of today and tomorrow through training, mentoring, coaching, and sponsorship programs for all people of color, which includes people from all ethnicities, genders/gender identities, sexual identities, religions, ages, and abilities. In doing so, we are amplifying and accelerating the good work of individuals and institutions aligned to this higher calling.

Meet the Team

We are in-the-trenches leaders, practitioners, and disruptive innovators.

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