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SAFe Scrum Master  and Product Owner/Product Manager Training 

SAFe Scrum Masters and the Product Owner/Product Managers (PO/PM) play crucial roles in driving successful product delivery within the SAFe framework, and their relationship is one of collaboration and mutual support.

Key aspects of their relationship:

  • Collaboration: They work together to refine the product backlog, ensuring it reflects business needs, customer priorities, and team capabilities.

  • Transparency: The Scrum Master helps the PO/PM understand the team's capacity and fosters clear communication about what's achievable in a Sprint.

  • Shared Goals: Both aim to deliver a valuable product that meets customer needs. The Scrum Master facilitates a collaborative environment to achieve this shared objective.

By working effectively together, the Scrum Master, PO, and PM can create a high-performing team that delivers valuable products efficiently within the SAFe framework.

Training is FREE with Optional Certification

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